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Dr. Ron Rubenzer

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About Dr. Rubenzer

Ron Rubenzer, EdD, MA, MPH, MSE, FAIS

- holds a Doctorate and two master's degrees from Columbia University in New York City. He won a doctoral fellowship to attend the Columbia University's Leadership Education Program.

While serving as a school psychologist at Columbia, he won a national student research prize of the year for an article written on the brain.

Dr. Rubenzer worked at the Washington DC Office of Education. Also, while at Columbia University, he wrote an article for New York Magazine on enhancing children's development of their full potential.

He has devoted his career to specializing in "reducing stressing-during testing" for better outcomes. He has worked as a stress manager for a hospital based cardiac/stroke rehabilitation and their Employee Assistance Program. He also coordinated a wellness program for a large school system.

He is a Fellow with The American Institute of Stress and writes focus articles on "using stress to do one's best" at home, work and school. He has also conducted speaking engagements for conferences and presented for a number of television shows. -- He produced an audio tape- "Your Relaxation Vacation."  


As a contributing editor for American Institute of Stress, he writes on JOB STRESS-RELIEF emerging from his experience as a hospital based, Employee Assistant Program (EAP) provider. His current book (mentioned above) was selected as the BOOK OF THE MONTH.-

He is a Mayo Clinic "Champion" and Writer. 

"Your well-being is my commitment"  is the backbone of his attempt to improve the quality of life for as many as possible.  


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